An Underweight Start

So many weight loss stories I read start out with I was overweight my whole life.  My secret – I was not.  I’d fell in the underweight category up to probably my sophomore year in high school.  It was at that point I started to steadily gain weight but through high school I stayed in the healthy range.  I didn’t really notice the weight gain for whatever reason – probably because up until then I was always know as “skinny”.  Before I started college I started to equate the fact that most guys associated “skinny” with attractive.  So thus began my first attempt to lose weight.  I went into my freshman year of college determined to lose weight but the drinking and food got the best of me and I remember weighing myself at the end of my freshman year devastated to find my weight had peaked at 153 pounds.

My Previous Success:

At that point I was determined to lose weight.  However summer came and went without much effort.  I got back to school and I started exercising.   I began to work out 4-5 days per week.  I didn’t pay much attention to my diet. I continued this throughout my junior year and I remember being shocked seeing my weight below 130 – a number I hadn’t seen in years.  I had never really set a weight loss goal but thought I might want to be around 125.  However, I injured my knee that year and needed surgery – and that was my downfall.  I never really got back to working out after the surgery.

Where I am Now

To read more about my ups and downs with my weight over the past 6 years see this post.  My lack of success comes down to not focusing on both the Exercise Trifecta and healthy eating.  In the past I also made weight loss about vanity instead of living a healthy lifestyle.  I started my (final) weight loss journey at 5’3” and 164 pounds.

This time it will be different

So here I am now – determined to lose the weight once and for all.  However, this time it is different – I am focused on a healthiness & happiness journey with a side effect of weight loss.

Why Happy Skinny Fit

If this is a healthiness & happiness journey then why is skinny in my blog title?  It is “Happy Skinny” a term I read in The Skinny that stuck with me over time.

“Enjoying your food and enjoying your body.  That’s how we define happy skinny.  It’s not about a dress size.  It’s about experiencing pleasure and being comfortable in your own skin.”

Fit – the other component of my blog title is more self-explanatory. Personally I want to get find now – while I’m still in my 20 and build that base (while its easier) that will continue with me for the rest of my life.

Food & Cooking

My food philosophy is ever developing.   I am trying my best to really limit processed foods.  I try my best to eat seasonally – but I am not a strictly seasonal eater. I’m not a vegetarian and do not plan on becoming one – but I do try and limit the meat I consume.  I limit my portion sizes when I consume meat. I also try to incorporate meatless meals into my diet several times a week.  I really enjoy cooking.  I find there is something more satisfying when you eat the food you prepared yourself.  Also its been said a million times before – you can control what is going into it so it makes it easier to keep your diet healthy.  I try and cook at least one new healthy meal every week.


I struggle with the concept of balance so tracking is essential for me right now.  It keeps me mindful.  Mindful, balanced eating is still a learning process for me.  I currently track with Weight Watchers.  In the past I have used Weight Watchers, The Daily Plate (livestrong), and Spark People.  I don’t necessarily love Weight Watchers– but I do love some of the graphs and charts it provides me to analyze things – so it is what I’m using for now.

The Exercise Trifecta

Or having a balance of cardio, strength training, and flexibility.  I first laid eye on this term over at http://fitbottomedgirls.com/.  Let me tell you after reading it I had a real a-ha moment.  Looking back on my journey the only time I was truly successful in weight loss I had the Exercise Trifecta going on (and probably didn’t even know it).  I wish I could say I had the Exercise Trifecta going on now– but I’m struggling to get there.

Cardio –  Run/Walking three times per week.  Trying to walk the dog 5 times per week.  I also own a bike again (after many years) and am trying to get out a couple times a week.

Strength –  I am trying to do a core workout twice per week.  I know I need improvement in this category.

Stretch –  I have the Nike yoga for runners I downloaded from itunes.  I am trying to do this after my runs.  Working on stretching more!


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