Weigh In & July Goals

I’m not sure why it took me this long to finally post my Friday weigh in but without further adieu here it is.

Starting                                    164
Current                                    153

Week gain/loss                     -2.4
Total gain/loss                      -11

One of the only reason I stuck with WW over just calorie counting is I looooove charts and graphs and anything that helps me analyze things – however this could quickly become a love hate relationship.  I have seriously been lamenting over all this information for days now.  Part of that has to do with the fact my weight has been fluctuating up and down and up an down and I wasn’t sure what I was going to see for my official weigh in this week.  I was initially quite happy when I saw 153.  That means I’m in the double digits for weight loss.  However, at the same time all I can think of is how much I have to go, or the fact I am now at my “heaviest” weight from the first time I lost weight, or other negative things.  I know that I should celebrate the milestones I’ve hit – but it is hard.  I never thought I would be at a point in my life where I would have this much to lose. For some reason this time celebrating the small stuff is harder than I thought.  When I previously lost weight I was elated when I lost 10 pounds.  Of course when you have less to lose 10 pounds looks a lot more significant.  Anyone else struggle with this?

Now on to goals!

July Goals

  1. Track Everything
  2. Don’t go over points
  3. Average at least 15 AP/week
  4. Run 3x/week
  5. Walk the dog 5x/week
  6. Core work 2x/week
  7. Blog 3x/week
  8. Get out of my snack rut
  9. Track measurements on 7-25

I do see a correlation between the weeks that I track everything and weeks that I skip days and weight loss.  However some of my “non-tracking” weeks have been around that time Aunt Flo is about to pay me a visit and I believe that has some effect.  Time to take better notes on my weigh-ins about that.  Anyway – I don’t think that should be too tough for July with the exception of Hubby’s 10-year class reunion at the end of the month.  Number 2 however may be more of a problem.  I have been consistently going over points – I’m still losing but I am aware that will not happen forever.

The next 4 have to do with my activity goals – I am finally getting active again yay!  I have gotten 2 runs in this week and did one of my core workouts.  I also try and do my yoga for runners video at the end of my runs – unfortunately that only happened once so far – but should happen again tomorrow.  Walking the dog has been lacking this week.  I was going to walk him tonight but it will have to get about 10 degrees cooler (at least) for him to survive.  Huskies don’t like the heat.  Also core work – I am doing this to avoid becoming a run-aholic.  Not in the sense that I run so GD much but more in the fact that its all I do (activity wise).  Also now that I am the proud owner of a new bike (thanks hubby) I think I might try and bike once a week – but that is not an “official” goal.

As food goes my goal previously was to cook a healthy meal once a week.  However that just really comes naturally to me.  Of course I haven’t done anything yet this week in fact I have had hot dogs for dinner the past two nights.  Yes I am aware they are bad for me but the taste so damn good!  Part of my problem is the kitchen.  We don’t have a dishwasher and when the dishes build up it gets overwhelming for me.  However I do have several healthy recipes planned for this weekend.  However a bigger problem for me is I’m in a snack rut.  I am proud of myself for finally eating healthy snacks but it’s been an apple in the morning and a yogurt in the afternoon as long as I can remember.  I need some new healthy snack ideas.  I am open for suggestions from anyone!

The real goal (taking measurements isn’t really a goal) is to blog 3x per week.  I always have a lot on my mind and tend to write it down on scraps at work but never post it.  So I am going to make an effort to do that.

Who has fun plans for the holiday weekend?  I have a three-day weekend but hubby is working the weekend.  Such is life of a pharmacist/retail store manager couple.  However I’m hoping to get some good healthy meals cooked and some activity in!


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