My work weekends always kill my motivation to do anything.  Its not so much the work but the on call.  I never know when the phone will ring next and I use it as an excuse to do nothing.  Not to mention it never fails when crap gets dumped in my lap late – I will be getting a call around 6:30 so the lack of sleep gets to me.

On the plus side – I have been steadily losing weight through the month of May.  The down side?  I am already losing steam.  However a light bulb went on this week.  The YMCA here offers a total fitness package which is essentially personal training paired with a before and after fitness test.  I decided I wanted to do this so on Thursday the Hubby and I drove over to the Y to sign up.  I let my anxiety get the best of me and instead of going in the building and doing what I came to do I pulled my normal “I changed my mind let’s just leave”.   This lead to a HUGE fight.   Leaving out the details it ended in a much needed conversation about seeking out counseling.

I’ve been reading Pam Anderson’s Book (the cookbook author – not THAT Pam Anderson) The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great – and thats when it finally hit me the link between counseling and weight loss.  I knew I had to get counseling and I knew I had to lose weight but I always managed to convince myself they were totally unrelated.  We had to study The Transtheoretical Model of Change  in pharmacy school we we were in our “smoking cessation” class.  So to sum it up  it was the trigger moving me from Contemplation to Preparation.  So here’s hoping I don’t get in my own way again this week and I head to the YMCA and sign up.


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