And so it begins . . .

Attempt number 673 to lose weight.  Okay not really  – but it has been an ongoing struggle. Especially since graduating from college in 2009, my weight has fluctuated between 145-165 over the past two years.

After starting college my weight had peaked at 153 pounds during my freshman year in 2003. Going back my sophomore year I decided to do something about it and over the next two years I started exercising regularly and got my weight down to around 129.

After my junior year I had knee surgery and had some issues academically that required me to take a leave from pharmacy school for a year.  I used that time to peruse to my MBA and with my lighter class load did more partying than working out.

I’m not sure where my weight peaked that year  – probably somewhere in the 150s.   2006 would have ben my “senior” year and after my friends graduating and returning to pharmacy school my lifestyle became a bit healthier.  I started working out off and on again but not as consistently as I did previously.  My weight dropped to around 138 pounds in 2007.

Around then I met my now husband and as we started dating I put on some weight on and fluctuated between 142-148 the next two years until graduation in 2009.  I flirted with running and tried different diets during that time (calorie counting and weight watchers).  Then we got engaged, and then I graduated.  After graduation I had a very stressful year and put on close to 20 pounds.  I started running again  and got my weight back down.

However during this time I was also planning a wedding – and as that got more stressful on top of my job I stopped running.  I also moved to peruse a new job.  I gained and lost about 10 pounds before the wedding.

This brings us to now, 8 months after the wedding.  My job is less stressful however socially we do not have friends here.  Which led to some of the same patterns that caused me to gain weight the previous year.  My eating habits are less than stellar and my exercise has become non existent.

Which lead me to where I am now, back in the 160s.  So here is my effort to bring healthy eating into my life and exercise back into my life.


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